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Myuofmhealth- ( www. ) is a service that allows the patients to access all of their medical records and also allows them to communicate with the respective person if required. Myuofmhealth offers them personalized and online access to few portions of their medical records. With the help of the internet, the patient can easily manage all the data that is there on the website/ portal. One thing which is very important for the patient to understand is that this service can never be used to treat a patient on an urgent basis. In case if there is an emergency, the patient is advised to visit the nearest possible emergency room or dial 911. With the help of the internet, one can make medical appointments.


Can have a glance of the summary of their medical health.

All the test results can be seen.
The prescription can be renewed.
Access to all the health information.
Communication can be done easily.

Access and usage of the Myuofmhealth:

In case a patient is willing to make use of the service, it is upto them. This is because the service is voluntary in nature. Once you decide to use the service, you will be given an Myuofmhealth activation code. There are two ways with the help of which you can generate the activation code. You can get it after visiting the clinic or you can get the same once you have completed the online request form. With the help of activation code, you will be able to create a user id and a password. Make sure that you do not share this information with anyone as it may lead to exposure of all your health-related problems with the other person. In case if you feel that there is some kind of threat to your identity, make sure that you change your password right away. Additionally, it is advised that you change your password every 180 days. This is a free service and can be used by anyone. If you wish to see your child’s information, you will have to submit an online form. If not that, you can also request for the same when you visit the hospital next time. At the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a form and post that you will also be given an activation code.

Sign up with an activation code
Sign up online

What is required to use Myuofmhealth?

It is very important to have a computer with good internet connection. An updated browser is also important. All the browsers are free to use. The portal can be accessed through the phone as well computer. In order to make that happen, you will have to download the free MyChart app on your smartphone and get going.

visit the official site: www.

What is an API?

API, also known as Application Program Interface allows you to share your information with a 3rd party application. All the data is taken from your medical record by the system and the same is sorted in such a way that all the data is compatible enough with the application.
What to do in case of an emergency?
This portal cannot be used for the emergency situation. Visit your nearest medical center or dial 911.

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